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Council Tree Works

Council work is an important part the arborists do in their community. Tree Surgeons are qualified, experienced, and trained to help you reduce the risks that trees pose in your neighborhood. Council Works are many, but they often involve the trimming or removal of trees in close proximity to power lines. This is in addition to the crucial cleanup work done by arborists after storms.

Our Process

Our Tree service team is available to assist you with:

Maintaining trees away from power lines through pruning, lopping or removal.

Preventive steps to ensure that trees are not in the way of power lines.

Storm cleanups: Includes preparation for storms, maintenance trees damaged by storms, and clearing trees that have been felled by storms.

Assessment of trees for potential hazards associated with power lines, fire safety or storms.

Respecting all applicable state and local laws in regard to pruning standards and fire risks, and power line clearance areas
Recommendations for the proper care, maintenance, removal of scientific arboricultural practices
Things to remember for councils.


Being aware of the potential hazards and risks posed by trees can make tree care easier. Arborist reports are among the most useful tree services. They identify potential risks and make clear recommendations as to how best to manage them.

Council Vegetation

This refers to vegetation on public land owned by the council. This includes trees found in public areas such as parks or street trees.

Waterway Vegetation and Wetland Vegetation

This law considers protected vegetation all vegetation located in areas designated as waterways and/or wetlands. This vegetation is essential to the ecosystem. It will almost always need a permit to be pruned or removed.

Significant Urban Vegetation

This category protects native and exotic trees on private property. They are also generally mature and essential to the environment, history and culture of the area. These trees will be identified as’significant landscaping trees’. These trees have special permit requirements that are listed on the council’s website.

Significant Native Vegetation

Protecting all native vegetation within an area that has been designated Significant Native Vegetation by council officials is a way to protect it. Because many native species are unique to Australian ecosystems, protection of these types is essential for the survival both of the native flora as well as fauna. The council must issue a permit for any pruning or removal of significant native vegetation.

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