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Our Tree Services offer all aspects in tree work. They include tree pruning and stump grinding, site clearing, land & site clearance, tree maintenance & removing, deadwooding and sawmilling.

All of our quotes come at no charge. For any tree-related questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

It is essential to ensure your contractor has the correct insurance to complete your jobs. Uninsured contractors are not covered for property damage or injuries to others.

Our Tree Services has $10m worth of public liability insurance that covers your property, neighboring properties, and injury to individuals in the event you are hurt. Workers Compensation Insurance for employees is also available. Professional Indemnity insurance is also available.

Work done by unqualified contractors could cause significant damage to your property and tree, and possibly even injury to you.

It doesn’t matter if we have access the work required to finish your job. Customers love our reputation so much that they are happy to have us do the work in their absence. We know the work will be completed efficiently with little disturbance to the ground and the area left clean and tidy.

Unless requested by the client, all material cut from the property is removed. We do our best for the environment and recycle all of our green waste and residues.

Yes. Our Arborists can help you.

Crown lifting is the selective cutting of lower branches in a tree’s crown to increase the distance from the base of its canopy to the ground.

Deadwooding, an essential part in a tree’s health, involves the removal of dead branch to a certain diameter and location.
Deadwood can spread diseases and be a food source to dangerous pests if it isn’t removed. Deadwood can cause property damage and pose a safety hazard. Tree owners must also take care to dispose of it.

Stump grinding can often be the most cost-effective and friendly option for tree stump extraction.
Stumps that have been left in the ground can cause serious problems. They can also cause unsightly damage to your garden and take up valuable space.

Crown clearing includes the selective removal and clearing of branches. This will help increase light penetration through the crown as well as air movement. Increased light penetration and air movement stimulates and maintains interior leaves, which in turn enhances branch strength. Thinning reduces wind effect and helps with the weight of heavy limbs.

An Arborist, on the other hand, is someone who helps to maintain a forest.professionalIn the practice Arboriculture This is the Culture Management, education, and the study of an individualTrees.The shrubs.Vine, and OtherPermanent Woody plants.

Pruning should be done when the tree has dead, dying or diseased branches. These branches that are dead, dying or diseased can cause tree distress and instability.

Tree work is different for each council. Our Tree Services provides links to councils that provide information on different requirements for trees and vegetation.
A Tree Preservation Order is a document that a council issues to the owner. This permits the owner to begin work on trees under the order.

Every tree is unique. The environment in which it grows is also different from one another. Every tree is evaluated individually by our arborists. There are no pre-determined answers. Our arborists can help you by visiting your location and offering advice. A tree report can then be customized to your requirements. The cost of a report depends on the number and nature of the trees to be covered, the amount of information needed, the collaboration required with architects/builders for the development of design solutions, and many other variables.

For a more precise cost, please call our offices.

Based on the facts, it might be possible to cut down trees that have grown over your property’s border. The legal right to remove branches from overhanging tree trees is yours. You may be able to get an exception if the tree is considered a’significant’,’regulated’ or’regulated” tree. If the tree grows on the boundary, it could be considered in joint ownership. The tree owners must reach an agreement on the proposed pruning and other management. For any further information, please contact our office. We will be happy to assist you.

To request the removal of a significant tree or regulation, you will need to file a Development Application Form at your local Council.

Council will send out an arborist to examine your application if it is a regulated one. The tree report is not required.

If you have a large tree, you will need to give council a tree report from qualified arborist. This must be done by you.

To arrange an appointment with one of our qualified arborists, please call our offices. They will visit your property to assess the tree and provide a report.

Council has the authority to grant tree-removal approvals. We are not authorized to do so.

Our arborists are qualified to prune fruit trees, vines, and other trees. Your trees can be formatively pruned so they have a strong structure for the future.

Our Tree service is staffed with a fleet of trucks that work in the fields and deliver leaf mulch directly to pre-arranged clients who have their information on our waiting list. We might be able, in certain circumstances, to arrange a mulch delivery sooner. Contact our office for more information.

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