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What is stump grinding?

Stump Grinding is the process by which a stump is cut into small, reuseable wood chips. This kills the root system as well as the stump. A stump grinder uses a powerful rotating disc coated with sharp, tungsten tooth teeth to cut the stump into mulch. A stump grinder is used to grind down a tree stump to prevent it from growing back and also to make room for new saplings.

Why Should You Use Stump Grinding Technique?

A stump grinder is an essential part tree removal. Stumps will remain attached to the tree’s root systems. This allows them to continue living long after the tree is removed. A crane is required to extract the stump because of their connection to the rootball of the tree. This can be expensive and costly for your garden. Stump grinding, which is cheaper and more beneficial for your garden, is a better option.

Our Process

Once we have cleared the tree and removed all hazards, we bring our stump grinder to site.
We place the grinder’s teeth onto the stump, and then begin the process to remove the structure.
It is then turned into mulch from the organic wood and soil you have gathered from your garden as the wood is being broken down by the machine.
The Tree Surgeon will determine the appropriate depth of the machine in order to ensure that the stump is not left unattended and new vegetation can be grown.
Once the machine has been completed, it will be taken away from the site with all its large materials.
The premium mulch will fill in the hole created by the stump. It will make it possible to plant new saplings, vegetation, or other land uses.
It was cleaned up thoroughly and left the property in a much better state than it was before.

Stump grinding

The team recently completed a job. Two Gum Trees that had died were chopped into pieces and removed from their site. To complete the job, the stump mill was brought in.

The tracks on this machine make it extremely adaptable to various terrains, allowing it to easily navigate both flat ground and grassy slopes.
To operate the machine, only one qualified operator is required. The machine worked quickly to remove the stumps. It was able grind them both into wood chips in just 45 minutes. The total cost of this stump grinding service and cleanup was approximately $350

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