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Tree Bracing

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Tree Bracing

Reliable tree services that you can trust
Our knowledge is extensive in all areas of horticulture. Our certified arborists and tree climbers are able to clear trees from construction sites and give councils authentic arborist reports.

We can also remove tree branches from service wires and install possum banding and cable bracing or plan preventative tree maintenance.

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Our Tree Services includes:

Professional, prompt, reliable, and professional
Fully insured with public liability protection
Expertise in tree-care solutions

Old cable bracing requires drilling in the tree’s trunk. It’s not a long-term solution, as it weakens and damages the tree as it grows. Cable braces like Yale Braces of 2, 4 and 8 tons provide better support for your trees long-term. They’re not intrusive, so they don’t damage trees!

Is a tree a good candidate for a cable brace If a tree has an unusual branching pattern, or if its limb structure is damaged or broken, it might require a branch support. A few tree species can produce a large crop of fruits and flowers, increasing the possibility for structural failure. Sometimes strong storms can damage or snap branches.

While tempting, this could cause more damage than good for the tree. Only trust trained and certified arborists to complete the job. Our Tree Service has full insurance and public liability. This allows us to operate safely.

It is possible to avoid future problems and weaken tree limbs by investing into preventative care management. We will provide you with comprehensive advice when we visit your tree to install your cable braces. Also, we will create a tree management program for you so that you can plan for the future.

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