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Tree Felling

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Tree Felling

We are experts in safe, efficient and affordable tree cutting for your home or company. Connecting local communities to highly skilled and qualified arborists ensures trees are healthy, as well as residents’ safety. No job is too large or too difficult for our tree service professionals. Our loppers use the best machinery and equipment in the industry to quickly and safely remove large mature trees.

We strive to give the best customer care experience. Our number of loyal customers keeps growing each year. Our business is about people as well as trees. This is why we now have many options for getting in touch. You can contact us online 24/7 using our request form. You can also contact our customer service team seven days a week at 131 5546 to discuss any of the tree services we offer.

What's the point of removing a tree from your yard?

There are many reasons why you might need a tree removed. You must assess whether your tree is safe. As trees age, they gradually lose their structural integrity. Tree safety and stability are affected when this happens. Because the tree is susceptible to falling or dropping branches, this can pose a threat to you, your house, and the local community. It is important that you remember that not only is age

Sustainable Tree Felling

Safety is always the most important reason to remove trees. Tree removal can be part of maintaining an ecosystem that is healthy. When a tree starts to lose its health, it can be a drain of your garden’s precious resources. Allowing a tree to die means that the soil will not have the necessary nutrients and moisture it needs. Tree cutting promotes a healthy environment by removing any trees that are hazardous, dangerous or incompatible with the ecosystem.

Stump Grinding Service - Tree Felling

The expanding root system of trees can cause damage to homeowners and residents. Tree roots look for resources in the soil to grow and can become a problem with plumbing systems, pathways, pavement, and pipes. Cracks on garden paths and walls can be a sign of a growing root system. You should also remove the stump to ensure the root system is eliminated. We will be discussing in the next section how we ensure safe and efficient stump and tree felling.


Our Tree Felling Process
Tree removal is when a tree is cut down and removed from the ground. Our services are far more thorough than that. Our service covers everything, starting with a free quote and discussion, through to the final cleanup and transportation. It can also include stump grinding to remove the problematic stump or its associated root system.

Step 1- Free, obligation-free quote
Contact us online or over the phone to receive a quote. Within 24 hours, one of our arborists will be in touch with you. Our tree services quotes are always free of charge. There is no obligation to buy. This allows us discuss the tree-felling costs with you before we make any commitments. We will finish the job for your within a week of you accepting the quote.

Step 2 — On-site safety check
Our crews arrive on schedule, well-dressed, equipped with the right tools, and ready to go to work. It is essential to conduct an onsite safety check before you begin the process of felling trees. This allows our crew to inspect the area to determine the best plan for removing it and to identify any potential hazards. The most dangerous hazards are those that are near traffic, power lines, restricted entry or uneven terrain.

Step 3 Tree Climbing
Once the crew has assessed and determined a safe method of removing the tree, they start to work. If the tree is large, we’ll use a crew including a climber and backup climber. We also need a team to work on the ground. The climber will set up their ropes for climbing and lowering the branches to the ground crew. Depending upon the size, condition, and species of tree, climbers will typically bring a few tools. The climber will then ascent the tree before moving up to the top and begin the dissection process.

Step 4 Tree Lopping
To safely reduce the tree’s height, remove the branches and top sections. This is to minimize any damage to the surrounding area that might occur during the removal process. As the climber maneuvers around the tree, they will lop large branch and attach them the rope to be lowered down to the ground crew. While climbing from the top of the tree they will remove the branches and sections of the trunk using their chainsaw.

Step 5 — Felling
The actual procedure for felling will vary depending on the tree’s dimensions and the environmental conditions. If it is safe, crew members will perform a fall on the tree after the major branches have been taken out. Before any tree cutting is performed, our crew assesses the area, tree size and wind direction to determine if there are any potential dangers to the tree.

Step 6 — Wood Chipping
The team will then cut the tree down to small or medium size segments back on the ground. This will allow them to use the woodchipper to trim the pieces into fresh woodchip mulch that can be used as a garden service.

Step 7 – Stump Grinder
Our arborists recommend that stumps be removed after you cut down trees in order to prevent future problems. Combining both stump grinding and cutting is more cost-effective than either one. An industrial stump crusher is the most important piece of equipment. This machine will take the stump down to below ground level. It will kill the root system and make your property more spacious.

Step 8- Green waste disposal
We believe in fair pricing and high quality services. This includes the transportation and disposal all green wastes that we produce from pruning, sawing, stump grinding and wood chipping. If you have any green waste, we offer this service separately. Get in touch with our team via phone or our website to find out more about our prices.

Step 9 — Make sure the location has been cleaned
While many tree services and arborists leave once the tree has been cut down, we strive to make your experience the best from beginning to end. For this reason, all of our tree services include a thorough cleaning to ensure that your property remains in great condition.

Pro Tree Difference
Australia’s largest business for woodchipping, quality mulch, and tree services. We pride ourselves on the high quality of every job and our great reviews. We believe great customer service, professional working and dedication to providing the best client experience is the key to creating happy clients. Our company offers many services, but we only offer the best quality at an affordable price. We combine our extensive national network with local specialists that can provide the expertise, experience, and knowledge of people from your neighborhood. Connecting the best people in the industry is what makes the difference.

We give importance to your trees’ health and the health of you home. No job is too small, or too large for our experts. Our team can help you get the job done right. Our work includes tree service, removal, maintenance, and more. We provide service across Australia. Get a quote today!

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