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What is tree trimming?

Pruning is a vital service that involves many elements, including trimming, shaping and cutting back. Pruning can help trees stay healthy. Pruning removes dead leaves and branches to reduce excess weight. This allows for new growth.

Why do you prune trees?

Pruning can be an effective way to mitigate risk, and it will increase the tree’s life expectancy and health. Pruning helps trees avoid becoming too heavy by getting rid of excess branches. This evenly distributed weight across the tree reduces the likelihood of a branch snapping or a storm knocking the whole tree down.

Tree Pruning

To keep trees healthy, safe and looking great, they must be pruned regularly. Some trees, such as hedges, may require pruning twice per year. Large trees that are mature may only require pruning once a year to maintain their structure and shape. A qualified arborist can assess the tree’s health to determine if it needs pruning.

There are many factors that affect the process of pruning trees. These include the type of tree, its size, condition, and location. Our team is able to quickly and efficiently prune small trees and hedges using only the most essential tools, such as secateurs and hand saws, hedge trimmers, hedge trimmers, and a ladder. This allows us to shape the leaves and remove excess weight.

Safety and care is more important for large trees. In most cases, you will need a group of three or four to ensure that there is always a climber and a ground crew.

The team will do a safety assessment of the site in order to find any potential hazards and plan their work accordingly.

The leader climber will then ascent the tree. If the tree is being pruned, our climbers won’t use climbing spikes because it can cause damage to the healthy tree and increase the likelihood of developing disease.

The climber will then secure safety lines and prepare the rope to lower branches.

Once they are complete, the climber will be able to use a cutting saw and a handheld saw to trim excess leaves and branches, remove any extra sticks and cut the overgrown branches, and shape the canopy.

After removing large pieces of rock, climbers will attach them on a rope and lower the boulders to the ground crew.

The ground crew will clean up the green waste, and wood-chipping any larger pieces.

The wood chipper will then break down any remaining green waste, and the material is removed from the property.

Featured project - Pruning a large Eucalyptus in Northern Tasmania

One of our climbers inspects the condition and size of one of the most impressive forrests in Tarkine.

You can see his safety rope at the trunk of the tree. For safety reasons, the climber is wearing a helmet. However, he is not using climbing spikes to damage this otherwise healthy tree.

A ground crew supports the climber at the bottom of the tree. His team assists him in disposing of any waste he produces.

He also has a climbing tool and a handsaw to cut any unhealthy or dying branches or to prevent pedestrians from being harmed.

Pruning a large tree can be more time-consuming than simply removing it. Because the climber must assess the trees and decide which sections should be removed, the climber will need to take care not to damage the rest. The climber might spend several hours on the Gumtree, carefully moving from branch to branch, for a complete pruning job.

Our Difference

Many tree services will offer a discount and then rush to cut your trees. Our Arborists are trained and qualified to provide quality services such as pruning and health assessments that will improve the long-term health of your trees. We will not leave you waiting and we will clean up any mess. Our teams arrive on-time, dressed in uniform, ready to meet your needs. All of our jobs are cleaned up, we offer full coverage for your home and you can rest assured that our experts will give you the best service.

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